45 year old Japanese man arrested for asking police whether he can date a 15 year old

A man got himself arrested when he called the police station to ask if it was against the law to date a 15 year old girl.

Investigations found that the unemployed 45 year old man from Kanagawa Prefecture was dating a school girl whom he met via a mobile chat app last year.

They started dating, and when she visited his home last year, he took at least 11 photos of her topless using his mobile phone.

In addition, the couple were suspected of engaging in indecent acts at his home in early January this year.

With kids these days glued 24/7 to their phones, it may be good practice to check in on them frequently, because you never know who they may be talking to!

Oh ya, and check out this video too!!

You might wanna remind your kids of the dangers out there. But ofcourse don’t scare them this way okay.

Credit: http://www.sankei.com/affairs/news/160412/afr1604120004-n1.html


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