Onitsuka Chihiro from devil looking to angel again♡


Onitsuka Chihiro, I really love her voice.
And I rem this song that she sang♡

Really loved that song really.

“Gekkou 月光”

So she looked like this when she debut

Then she morphed into something dark

Not sure what really happened..
But really looked like she confused and needed some help..

But her voice and her quality of song improved!!!
Man can she sing better from her heart!!

That feeeeeeels


Several years of darkness and she’s back!!

Not sure why, but I feel relieved..
Looks like she found her happiness ya

I guess everyone of us need to go the ups and downs of life. Glad that she managed to go thru them in one piece.

Anyone out there going thru tough time!! Hang in there ya!!

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