Japan even toothpaste can have Chocolate flavor

Walao eh, Japanese nowadays sibei creative till gao gao. Even toothpaste can have chocolate flavour.

Who happy?

Children of course lor. Brushing teeth now is like machiam having Swensen icecream buffet.

But dunno really taste 100% like chocolate or not. Even if actually chocolate imagine at night u chiu kee liao go sleep next morning wake up boh geh.

My gf sure wan dump me liao.

But then its stated that it will still function as a normal toothpaste, meaning still prevent cavities, remove plaque and freshening your breath.

Turns out the tooth paste actually is not made up of chocolate but consist of ingredients that just gave chocolate aftertaste nia.

CB say so lah.

Also not cheap leh, cost about USD $15.85 for a tube. Rather go spend on Godiva Chocolate Shake, or the golden ball Ferroche.




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