Singapore’s TIRAMISU HERO is in big trouble in Japan right now.


Tiramisu Hero – A Kena Sai story

It’s common to see one brand become so popular and then many copycats will pop up.

From Roti Boy to bubble tea – we have seen too much.

But this case if the mother of them all sia.

A company called HERO’S in Japan opened recently by copying Singapore’s popular Tiramisu Hero brand and products.

Here’s how they look a like.


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Left is Singapore’s original “TIRAMISU HERO”,

and on the right is “HERO” of which registered the trade mark of “TIRAMISU HERO”.

Ok the similarities are

(1) Cat,
(2) masks, and
(3) capes.

But this time, they went one step further, they registered the name Tiramisu Hero and prevented the original Tiramisu Hero’s use.

Looks like they even registered their the original’s logo too!!

How is this not illegal?

Before that, won’t this be an infringement of copyrights?

The Japanese company (grams Co Ltd) have made an official statement in their website saying they have bought the rights to the “Tiramisu Hero” name.

So retarded right?

And thought Japanese are very polite and well mannered one.

At the same time, I’m not sure why is not Singapore’s Tiramisu Heroes are not suing Hero’s?

I find this part really weird to be honest.

HERO’s, the most hated brand over night

Singapore’s Tiramisu Hero, and to change their name to “Tiramisu Star” by officially announcing on their website.

These were caught by some people, and HERO’s (the Japanese who trademarked it), became public enemy over night.

It even got featured, and debated on Japan’s national TV.

Right side: Japan’s HERO’s
Left Side: Singapore’s Tiramisu Hero

Here’s another TV show discussing the case on air.

And you know what’s amazing?

The Japan side (grams Co Ltd) used a famous actor to their commercials.


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This Japanese celeb by the way, is Miura Shohei, who happened to visit Singapore to promote his drama a few years back.

He’s also known to marry Kiritani Mirei, ya the hot one!

His wife, and I love this song haha

So what happens now?


Looks like the Singapore side just changed their names, and continued business as usual.

I really do hope Singapore side can take action instead of walking away.

Damn, I pity the people behind the original Tiramisu Hero, they took many years to build the brand (since 2012) and become so popular in Singapore.

Of course Singapore’s Tiramisu Hero and Cafe have not changed, so please come and join them.


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Japan’s Public Support

Luckily this was brought up by the media, and currently majority of the Japanese views are supporting Singapore’s Tiramisu Hero.

They are showing their support by purchasing the ‘original’ tiramisu, and actually boycotting the Japanese one.


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  1. I’d think that its business fundamentals 101 to register your company name, logo and product’s copyrights/trademarks in the countries you’re operating in.


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