[JAPAN NEWS] Stabbing case in Japan, leaving a lady dead at the scene.


december, 2023

  • Manhunt for 2 men after a stabbing incident
  • Woman dead and a man injured
  • Woman found bleeding in room
  • and a man bleeding in corridor
  • Woman suffered more than 40 stab wounds

Aiyaiyai. Stab people but leave the weapon for everyone to see.

In what has been described as a double stabbing with one fatality, police received a call from one of the victims saying that they were stabbed.

And it looks like got 2 people who did the stabbing.

This victim, in his 20s, bleeding but alive, made a call to the police. His colleague suffered a different fate as she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Before leaving, the suspect plunged the knife into the wall at the corridor.

The 2rd man who stabbed both victims, was seen on camera walking towards Tachikawa
Station after the incidents. Bloodstains found on concourse leading up to ticket gates.

Wah sounds like revenge like attack, but really scary.

Manhunt underway after stabbing leaves woman dead, man injured in Tachikawa

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