Celebrity Saeko slammed for donating towards Kumamoto earthquake relief fund

Keyboard Warriors Attacks Celeb

29 year old Japanese celebrity talent Saeko is being slammed on social media for donating about 5 million yen to aid the victims of the recent Kumamoto earthquake.

A photo posted by SAEKO♡ (@saekoofficial) on

A photo posted by SAEKO♡ (@saekoofficial) on

On 19 March, Saeko updated her blog, praying for the affected families and hoping to do what she can by donating to the children in the disaster areas.

She also uploaded a photo of a bank transaction, clearly showing that she had donated 5,002,000 yen as relief funds. Wahh, that’s a WHOLE lot of money!

But netizens immediately slammed her for “showing off”, while others suggested that she was doing this to improve her reputation.

Some even accused her of misusing child support payments from her ex-husband Yu Darvish.

Other celebrities, such as Fujiwara Norika, Nishiuchi Mariya and Kamiji Yusuke, who sent words of encouragement, also came under fire from netizens.

Dear keyboard warriors, they’re trying to do good. Give them a break lah!

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Credit: http://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20160421-00000001-tospoweb-ent