Chinese netizens angered by Japanese etiquette book


This spring, Hokkaido Tourist Organization for Sapporo City released an etiquette guide book which drew much criticism from Chinese netizens.

The number of Chinese tourists to Japan has been increasing steadily in recent years, and numerous issues have also been highlighted as a result.

These tourists were known to “leave hotel rooms dirty”, as well as make “excessive noise”.

To tackle the problem, the Hokkaido Tourist Organization drew up and published an illustrated guide book last August to help tourists enjoy their stay in Hokkaido through practicing good etiquette.

However, the theme of the book was “travel etiquette”, and Chinese netizens have reacted in anger, claiming that the book suggested that all Chinese people lacked manners.

It also didn’t help that many of the illustrations in the book depicted “bad behaviour” by tourists.

The book has since changed both its theme and illustrations.

This brings to mind a viral video from March this year, highlighting the behaviour of Chinese tourists dining at a seafood buffet in Thailand.">

As a netizen commented, maybe “Chinese sense = The rest of the world’s nonsense”.



  1. Then don’t go Japan. Japanese has never sincerely welcome foreigner to Japan
    so why do we have to go such a miserable filthy island.


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