List of Japan Scholarships!! Fulfill your dream to live and work in Japan

Ever had the dream to live in Japan?

Whether it’s because you love the culture, the fashion, the music, the anime/manga, or even the four seasons (something Singaporeans never get to experience at home), living in Japan can be a dream come true for some of us.

Now you can live your dream! The Embassy of Japan in Singapore has a Japan Creative Centre that offers Singaporeans a chance to study and work there!

There are 3 different programmes available.

The Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholarship is offered by the MEXT ministry for students who wish to study in Japan.

If you are the type who loves to watch anime late into the night in your dorm room and doodle manga on your lecture notes, this scholarship may be the best thing for you!

For those who wish to improve your knowledge of Japan and your nihongo, the Japan Foundation Grant is perfect for Japanese culture lovers like yourself.

Lastly, the famous JET programme allows you to teach as an assistant teacher in Japanese public schools! Perfect if you adore those little kawaii Japanese children!

Those who wish to work in Japan can also find jobs through the JASSO Job Hunting portal. Their English website is user-friendly even if you don’t know much Japanese.

For more information, do visit the Embassy of Japan’s website. Good luck!


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