Japan McDonald’s secret to having best year ever

Japan McDolands pay increase liao

And apparetly the new boss implemented this ..

When I went to check who the new boss is .. The boss is a Canadian ang moh, called Sarah Cassanova?!

Cha boh somemore!?

Well done really! It’s hard to be a boss in Japan if you foreigner, moreover cha boh!

Apparently Japan McDonalds struggling quite a bit

So to fix tihs, ang moh boss increased wages. And the whole idea was that..

more pay, people more happy, ,and if they more happy their service improves!

Like that ofcourse lahhh

Need someone to teach that meh!? I hope my boss also do that so I can increase my service dey


So like in Japan 2,900 workers quickly received a pay increase.

Steady lah!

Togehter with other strategies the ang moh boss implemented and executed,

This is how their performances looks now.

Amazing really


Source: Rocketnews, Nikkei Shimbun, Nifty News, Hachima Kiko
Images: SoraNews24