When a policewoman falls in love with a yakuza

Be warned, this romance in not the type you see on TV (for real?).

Police in Shinjuku arrested a man for assault last November.


Little did he, and we, knew that he could fall for a policewoman while in custody (lucky guy..).

When he was released, they travelled together as a couple (even more better..).

The police dept got to know about them and the woman was suspected of giving him insider info (oh no..).

She said, “I thought if I gave him information, he wouldn’t tell anyone about our relationship.” (Wtf?)

The woman then resigned in March this year, without any news if she will be charged, or if they are living happily ever after.

Well,..hope she is ok..


Sources: Sora News 24, Pakutaso, giphy.com.