Too smart to be happy?

Do you know that if you are a smarty pants, you might feel lonely more easy than others?!

Evolutionary psychologists Kanazawa Satoshi and Noorman Li says so with their ‘savannah theory of happiness’. They studied people aged 18-28years old, asking them to rate their level of happiness with life. Here is what they found:

Finding 1: Population density and size of one’s social circle are 2 important points that will affect your happiness level.

Finding 2: People who are smarter (Higher IQ) have a large social circle but yet are less happy with life!

Why is this so? Satoshi and Li thinks that all that socializing and crowded cities… smart people might find it stifling and there is loss personal space. I guess maybe the smarter you are, the more you are like those brainiac scientists and mathematicians who prefer to be isolated and think of complicated equations and problems than talking to people?