World Order’s new vid is all you need to watch today

This new video by Japanese dance group World Order is sure to get some attention.

The title: “Let’s start WW3”.

The group is already so popular with hit “Singularity”.

In the new vid, six men in suits sit in an apartment watching a speech by Donald Trump.

The translated lyrics:

“A man who claims, To end our boring days, And save our world Has finally appeared.

He’s rich and tall, He’s a pro wrestler and smart, Just like those found in the movies.

He’s a real hero, Let’s start a World War III.

We’re gonna have a party, We admire your blonde hair, And blue eyes.

We will follow you, Wherever you go.

Let’s start a World War III, We’re gonna have a party.”


The group’s robotic dances are popular in Japan.

Their sharp suits, stoic faces and amusing choreography makes them an exciting visual for the people.

Source: Japan Today


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