The harsh reality of singles Japanese ladies in Japan. Singapore like this too?

These pics which portrays the SINGLE LIFE of a Japanese OL (Office Lady).. damn kesian one

Not sure whether it would apply here in Singapore, and you guys would feel it.. but anyway let me share some art by this artist @black9arrows (Twitter).


The harsh reality of singles Japanese ladies in Japan

Makes you really think..

Why am I here?
What’s wrong with me?
What’s life all about?

“When you realize that instant ramen don’t satisfy you anymore”

“When you come back alone after a party early”

“When you just laze around on a Sunday night”

“When you realize that you spent your leave doing nothing at all at home”

“When you realize it’s night time already, not sure what you did the whole day. And eventhough you clean your room.. it doesn’t get cleaned up”

“When you can’t find your company pass, just before you leave for work, and start to panic”

“When all you can do is to just hop into bed for the next work day”

“When you decide to get up early in the weekends, but realize it’s already half a day gone”

“When it’s so late already, and you about to jump into bed, but then you stepped on something and break it”

“When’s 4AM, and you’ve got work tomorrow, but still no energy to move and just stone”

“When you wish Mondays don’t come so quick”

“When you fell a sleep after looking at your Facebook feeds of others having fun”

“When the day is so nice, but all you can do is just to eat breakfast so you won’t get hungry at office”

“When you should be sleeping, but you just can’t”

“When you really hate doing this routine everyday”

“That moment when you arrive home after a late work”

“When you post things that you don’t really mean.. e.g. I had fun”

“When you just want to give up”

Don’t know why, but this artist’s works just hits me hard in my heart.  Really.. we need to think what’s life is all about, and take better care of ourselves okae

I really do hope that girls don’t go through these emotions


Anywho, for more of her works, follow her link below!!



Actually Singaporeans life not much differene one..


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