Ang Moh man kena stomped by Jepun girl in Japan!! What happened siol!?


Look I understand Jepun can be a very very strange place, but with the Internet and everything I think I’ve seen pretty much all what.

There not much that can surprise me please.

But recently got one Twitter picture that surprised me liao.

It’s a picture showing a Japanese school girl stepping on an ANG MOH face outside Shibuya station.

XMM like WTF!?!


At first thought wat happen sia, is it ANG MOH hamsup the girl then kana whacked!!

But this girl looks quite chio from back, and dont’ look so fierce like our umbrella lady what!!

This umbrella lady for sure can beat up any large sized Ang Moh one with her siaolin flying kick, and umbrella whacking skills.

But you see, this one in Japan!! The girl should be kawaii kawaii desune one.

Even fight, how to beat up an adult sized Ang Moh, and step him on the head some more.

Turned out to be a siao kuku foot fetish action in public


Wah then this XMM give no chance sia!!

Really step step one hahaha. Eh Ang Moh!! You shiok one ah!!? Like WTF can!!

This world really full of farked up people

No wonder aliens dun wan visit us anymore.

Who in the right chee bee mind will think kana stepped on by someone else dirty shoes is a good idea?

Look at these pics please!! Siao kuku alert!!

Ang moh bite some more!!? I think tekan session not enuf lei!!

Imagine the shoes u walk into toilet, step here step there!

Then all this stepped onto ur face, shoved inside ur mouth. The bee tor sure 9696 until your whole body grow don’t know what from the infection.

Siao kuku Ang Moh Twitter Page:

Ang Moh Kena Step Fettish

But angmo says he like it and says he even find Jepun girls bullying him shiok. Look if that makes you happy can!! Go ahead.

I think for sure the girls also feel shiok one stepping on a some guy’s head. I thought at first maybe they got paid, but then.. maybe both are willing party lei

I wonder if anyone in Singapore enjoy this. If you like then you go follow him.

And if you gonna take pic in Singapore for girls to step on your head call us too. We go there and take pics with you, and we share with mothership lar, All Singapore Stuff lar, Media Cock lar!

Me make you famous one for sure!!



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