Coca-Cola limited edition bottles are so sweeee…

Coca-Cola limited edition bottles are so sweeee…

Coca-Cola Japan has been really cool by releasing limited edition bottles so swee, you’ll regret not getting it.

Remember the sakura cherry blossom design?

It became so popular and sold out very fast in Japan.

Also, last summer, Coca-Cola released a new bottle celebrating the season, with fireworks printed all over the front, as a nod to the fireworks events held around Japan during the hottest months of the year.

In autumn, there’s a beautiful autumn-leaf design currently available on shelves, which celebrates the beautiful red, orange and yellow hues seen around Japan.

And now, Coca-Cola has just announced the winter collection (Yess ahh!!), this time featuring the beautiful buds of plum blossom trees.

Called the 2018 New Year Design, the bottle is decorated with red and white plum blossoms, which are pictured alongside a delicate fall of light snow.

So swee right!

You can get it in Japan for 125 yen (SG$1.50) each only.

So cheap lei!!

P/S: Coca-Cola…bring this to Singapore, please, please!



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