Kingdom Japanese movie is one of the greatest Japanese movie for sure.

Japanese Kingdom movie review Singapore

Kingdom , This would be one of the best Japanese movies we’ve seen for a long time.

Japanese Kingdom movie review Singapore

Kingdom, a popular manga series, and it’s also released it’s anime.

This manga has a strong following especially by Japanese adults where I understand especially Japanese businessmen too.

The characters and episodes do portray the current battles businessman face, where the manga itself do give a hint or something to discuss with your friends on how to approach that problem you are facing.

For myself personally, the battle between your younger brother is where i wanted to get a hint/guide, and i did achieve it after watching this movie.

Japanese Kingdom movie trailer

This alone, you would be able to tell that this movie got lots of drama and fighting scenes.

By the way, it has already generated more than SGD 60 million of movie revenues in Japan alone.

So now, with its’ release for overseas viewing, we are pretty sure that this movie would be hitting record sales for a Japanese movie.

Records as in for the ‘non-anime’ categories though!

Japanese Kingdom movie Synopsis


Set in the Qin Dynasty during the warring states period in ancient China, Shin is a war orphan who dreams of becoming the greatest general under heaven.

One day, he has a fateful encounter with a young man Eisei, the true heir to the Qin kingdom throne.

Together, they seek to reclaim Eisei’s throne and unite the Warring States under a single banner. KINGDOM is the live-action adaptation of the manga series of the same name.



Japanese Kingdom movie premier

Whether it comes to Japanese contents and media, what sucks is that it lacks exposure for fans like us to view, read and appreciate them.

So we were glad, and excited to hear that the main actor of the Kingdom movie was gonna be visiting Singapore to promote their movie.

キングダム シンガポール 映画


To get to see the stars in person, to listen to their thoughts of their role, the movie itself and so on.

We get to see the person himself, and also able to relate to the movie, which makes us fans appreciate the work even further.

But most importantly, and also important to get to see the stars themselves and see how good looking them are haha.

シンガポールキングダム映画 山崎賢人


We understand how expensive and not really cost efficient for all production to hold an event like this every time, but do hope to see this more often.

With this press conference alone, we got excited and started to look forward of the movie.

シンガポール キングダム映画 山崎賢人

シンガポール キングダム 映画 山崎賢人


During the interview, Misa (the host) asked Yamazaki Kento what we should looked out for the show.

He highlighted the following:

  • the death scene of Hyo
  • how Shin got stronger as he fights
  • the cinematography of the fight scenes
  • and the fighting stance of Hyo

We do not want to spoil so much, but these pointers actually made us look forward and guided for each scenes!

And guess what! We weren’t disappointed  at all, but appreciated the each scenes more!

I tell you this movie is good.

Kingdom movie review in Japanese language

シンガポール キングダム 映画 の試写会言って、山崎賢人様見てきたよ!

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Japanese Kingdom movie review Singapore
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