SUSHI MASAAKI, one of the best SUSHI of 2021 we had so far.

Sushi Masaaki Head Chef Masaaki san


december, 2023


New Sushi-ya is in town!
And that’s the talk of the town!

We’ve tried it, and have to agree, it’s one of the best.

Opened by Chef Masaaki Sakashita who was previously from Sushi Ishi and Hashida, the eponymously named Sushi Restaurant has opened at Beach Road (JW Marriot South Beach).

Most would be surprised to find that the restaurant, with its elegant storefront decked with Pink Gucci Heron Crane wallpaper,

houses one of the most stunning and beautifully designed sushi counters in Singapore.

SUSHI MASAAAKI entrance pink

The playful storefront is definitely eye catching, but stepping into the restaurant is where the nasal senses are truly tantalized.

You know you are in for a gastronomic experience from:

  • a sushi counter made from a 250 year old Hinoki wood sanded to a soft porous state,
  • to the okudo (rustic stone charcoal hearth),
  • to the exquisite cutlery and ceramics,
  • to the stunning sake glassware,


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Chef Masaaki, through his vast years of experience as a sushi chef, embodies the best of Japan and seeks to bring forth the best of his culinary skills.

The restaurant only seats no more than 12 seats around the counter.

SUSHI MASAAAKI counter tables


You will have the full attention of both chefs, who are both highly affable and engaging.

Sushi Masaaki Masaaki san

Chef Masaaki has been a fan of sushi and fishing since his early days growing up by the Kamo River in Kyoto, Japan.

He was eager to learn the intricacies of fine Japanese cooking and entered the industry at 18 years of age.

At Masaaki, he infuses traditional cooking techniques with his personal ingenuity to deliver Omakase meals that are curated using only the best ingredients sourced all over Japan.

With each course, Masaaki seeks to deliver a fundamental respect of distinctiveness from the various techniques like slicing, plating and to appreciate the essence of the ingredient.


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At Masaaki, there are 3 lunch menus range from $120++ for 7 courses to $250++ for a 9 course.

  • SHIN 真 @ $120++
  • YUI 結 @ $180++
  • SAKAE 榮 @ $250++

Dinner menus would be a choice of:

  • MIYABI @ $280++
  • REN @ $380++

We had the privilege to experience the lunch course, which featured 7 lovely courses that were unbelievably delectable.

Chef Masaaki brilliantly presents his dishes which are both visually stunning, simple yet distinct.

Each course represents and reflects the ethos of Japanese culinary principles, which seek to highlight and respect the distinctiveness of the ingredient.


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Take for example the starting course, Matsuba Kani dashi paired expertly with vinegar jelly to balance the sweetness of the crab, and briny ikura, or the Shirako Chawanmushi served with Uni (sea urchin).


Most would be fine with the addition of uni itself, but the shirako stole the show for me, adding a creamy and delicate touch to the overall dish.

In addition to the outstanding taste, Masaaki’s courses are definitely alluring and captivating to the eyes!

SUSHI MASAAKI Uni Chawanmushi

The sashimi platter came with Shiro Ebi (baby white shrimp), Shabu Shabu Kinki with ponzu sauce, and Chuutoro.

SUSHI MASAAKI Sashimi Platter

Speaking of visual appeals, check out some of the stunning glassware used at Masaaki!

I found that the glassware spurred many engaging conversations, in particular the beauty and origins of the glassware.


Masaaki san mentions that he takes pride in sourcing the best glassware and utensils as well, ensuring that attention to every detail in the restaurant is not left out.

He is truly the culinary perfectionist when it comes to pleasing his guests!


Of course, having some good old Japanese sake is a must when dining at such an exquisite restaurant.



Following which, we were served some of the best sushi I have had in my life! Just to note again, our lunch Omakase was just $120++.

The rice was done to perfection with good texture while retaining a slight bit of heat.

Sushi Masaaki Omakase Sushi

Each slice of fish that accompanied the wonderful rice was fresh and sliced thickly.

Was especially fond of the Hirame with Engawa sushi and the akami piece.

Sushi Masaaki Omakase Akami SushiSushi Masaaki Omakase Hirame Sushi

At this point, we were already quite full but Chef dished out a pleasant surprise – Nodoguro with sea urchin.

Being a fan of Nodoguro, I had high expectations for this and Chef certainly met them with flying colours.

Nodoguro is one of the fattiest fishes and is often prized for the high level of oils it contains. Masaaki’s version retained all the fattiness and elevated it further with a touch of smokiness.

Sushi Masaaki Omakase Nodokuro Uni



Perhaps the star of the show (and I am sure many would agree) will be the maki rolls.

We had both toro roll and the popular ankimo roll that has now made its rounds on social media.

Sushi Masaaki Toro Maki Roll

The ankimo roll is perhaps the best I have had, since the addition of takuan added crunch and cut through the richness of the ankimo.

I would recommend adding on the ankimo roll since it does not come with the 7 course lunch menu.

Needless to say, this newly opened restaurant has already become a huge hit amongst the community and have become one of the hardest spots to reserve a seat at.

Sushi Masaaki Ankimo Maki Roll

Quality wise, you can expect nothing less than outstanding and above all, the overall experience will leave you wanting for more.

A pair that was seated right next to me immediately booked for their next round to Masaaki! Great signs that the restaurant will indeed do extremely well!

Sushi Masaaki Japanese Sake



Add: 26 Beach Road #B1-17 South Beach
Tel: 63881555
IG: @sushi_masaaki/
Home Page:
Hours: Opening Hours (Monday Close):
12:00PM – 2:30PM
6:00PM – 10:30PM


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