Wut!? Use MCD Curry Sauce to make Curry Sauce? Siao ah!!

Curry Sauce to make Curry sauce? Huh?

So I came across this video the other day

It caught my eye cuz of the MAC’S CURRY SAUCE and almost every Singaporean person I know, regardless of race, language or religion (lol) LOVES the curry sauce.

And I really think no body, and I say no body can deny that right?

But hor, these ah….
what they did ah….
is a bit…
how to say,

KUKU one ah?


OK lah, if they doing this for just the video content sake okay.. but cb wasted my time..

I rather watch this XMM eating 150 pcs of nuggets one pls♡ I don’t know what’s so fascinating about watching cute girls eat like crazy one

but anyway this is not abt the skinny chio bu girl eating nuggets!!

So for those who so happen to stumble onto the vid

Lemme give you the lowdown:

  1. basically they got a few hundreds packs of curry sauce and instead of enjoy them as they are supposed to,
  2. they got the bright idea of making Japanese curry WITH THE CURRY SAUCE.
  3. gg lor

Ok la, points for creativity I guess but as a Singaporean, I’m looking at this and my face is like

You can read the article here, TBH I love this website, there are so many interesting articles and all but this curry sauce thing is just too much for my poor heart!


It already costs money to get extra packs of curry sauce and just looking at them empty out the packs like that ah…

They were pretty harsh with their comments about the end result of the cooked curry sauce, and I did borderline feel like a pang of Singaporean pride twitch when I read the comments but…

well… It honestly looks ok but I bet it really does taste shitty if you cook it bah… they even cooked it with meats and veggies leh (give them props for that!)

You know that taste of mac fries and nuggets with that sweet, salty, creamy curry sauce, waaaaahhhhh

In the end they did come to a conclusion that it taste the best as a sauce rather than real curry… so that’s something la hor!

By the way, we released our own Merlion Stickers♡

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