Japanese escort Singapore Unviersal Club, Leading Sugar Dating Service, Opens In Singapore!

Japanese escort Singapore

Japanese social escort Singapore

Japanese Escort Singapore , now in Singapore

Universe Club, Japan’s Leading Sugar Dating Service, Opens In Singapore!

What that means is that you would be able arrange for Japanese girls when you visit Japan, or have them visit you here in Singapore.


If you were thinking of heading to Japan, but had no one to go with you.

With Universe Club, Japanese Escort Singapore agency, they will be solving that problem for you.

You can now go to Japan, make a booking and have someone guide you through Japan!!

Japanese Social Escort Singapore

Highly sought after in Japan with 14 branches across Japan, Universe Club is set to spread its wings – and availability of kawaii Japanese girls – in Singapore.

You would also be to ladies who are from other nationals too upon requests.

Loneliness is the thing of the past when you join as a club member.


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Specializing in pairing up gentlemen like you with dime pieces who are ready to please, from Japan.

Universe Club has been the answer to questions running thru the minds of brothers from around the world:

How can I hook myself up with endearing Japanese girls?


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The best part is, you fantasize to date the kind of girls in your wildest dream.

Geeky office girls, sexy nurses, come-hither teacher, decent but wild students or JAV actress (both former and current stars).

Universe Club has the tendency to fulfill your desire.

Join Membership

So what is Universe Club Singapore?

Universe Club portray themselves as a Sugar dating service that let you have the perfect no strings attached relationship, nothing like a marriage consulting agency or that sort.

There is a need to join as a member for the club, as this is for the safety of the girls.


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Sugar Daddies would also need to be interviewed by the Universe Club as an extra precaution for the girls.

Universe Club would want to ensure the safety for the girls,

and also have the Sugar Daddies understand the professional services they provide, in exchange for the access to Universe Club’s database.

Also, separately once after you have joined as a member, there is a fee for each dates arranged.

Standard Class
Membership Fee = SGD 350

Annual Membership Fee = SGD 250

Dating Fee = SGD 250

Gold Class
Membership Fee = SGD 600

Annual Membership Fee = SGD 350

Dating Fee = SGD 350

Platinum Class
Membership Fee = SGD 1200

Annual Membership Fee = SGD 950

Dating Fee = SGD 600

Black Class
Membership Fee = SGD 3700

Annual Membership Fee = SGD 2000

Dating Fee = SGD 1200

For more info: http://uclub-international.com/singapore/

Ladies are also welcome to join as Sugar babies, so for those who are interested in meeting Japanese Sugar Daddies do feel free to apply.


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But what are the female members looking for?

Basically, they are those who are looking for support from a Japanese.

Universe Club, as the “middle man”, will be responsible for hooking up,as they say, the birds and bees.

So before you make that trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, or even if you’re looking to hook yourself up with a kawaii Japanese girl in Singapore, look no further to spice up your itinerary.

Check it out at https://uclub-international.com/ and discover new flavours of life,

the heart pounding dating that you will only know by joining Universe Club.

For Sugar Babies

  1. Apply
  2. Interview in Singapore
  3. Pass the interview
  4. Access to Member’s site
  5. Start dating with Sugar Daddies


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Japanese escort Singapore
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