Meidi-Ya Great World City , newly opens on 27th JUNE 2019!

Meidi-Ya Great World City


The rumors were true!! Meidi-Ya Singapore would be opening at Great World City.

Helloasia were lucky to be invited by both Great World City and Meidi-Ya for its’ sneak preview today.

Some of you would be aware that Great World City itself is currently going through a full remake renovation, and it’s currently 50% completed.

The stores are operational, so you still be able to park your cars, and visit the stores at Great World City.

Other than Meidi-Ya, other new tenants expected are:

  • Awfully Chocolate (JUNE 2019)
  • Eye Studio Tokyo (JUNE 2019)
  • issho izakaya (JULY 2019)
  • Mama Razzi (June 2019) and many other more

Meidi-ya Great World City

Meidi-Ya have unveiled their new store in Singapore. This would be their 2nd supermarket outlet after operating at Liang Court for roughly 16 years.

With their understanding of both Japanese and Singaporean consumers, their new supermarket store would be operating at Great world City.

Here’s a short preview of what we would be expecting at Meidi-Ya (Great World City).

So with their understanding and experiences from Meidi-Ya Liang Court, they have selected items not only that are top selling, but also Japanese premium items that are hard to find in Singapore.

These items are the result of Meidi-Ya’s reputation and care + respect towards the suppliers where they believe they care deliver their products to customers who appreciate them.

Meidi-Ya also promises the following for its’ new supermarket, and these are the factors that would differentiate them from other competitors:

  • quality of food
  • quality of services
  • and quality of atmosphere

Hence Mr. Nagoshi (Managing Director) do not feel any threats with his any of his possible competitors, as what they offer are different from other supermarkets.

Mr. Nagoshi also look forward in offering these premium food to customers other than his loyal Japanese customers, and the demography of the Great World City

Nagoshi Meidi-ya singapore

Other things to look out for would be obviously their Event Hall, but other than that, the Dosanko Plaza, where Great World City shoppers would be able to buy and eat Hokkaido food, deserts and drinks.

singapore meidi-ya great world city

singapore meidi-ya great world city

For we, Helloasia, are especially looking forward for would be NISHIYAMA RAMEN, where they are known for being the No.1 ramen noodle manufacturer for Sapporo Ramen bowls.


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