Jepun Ah Beng Singapore Blog : This Jenpun cb earn SGD 60k per month?

Jepun Ah Beng Blog : This Jenpun cb earn SGD 60k per month?

knn, you got see this Youtube video on Jepun KTV xiao mei mei or not?

You know how much she earns??

SGD 60,000++ a month!!

hold ah, that’s like SGD 2,000 x 30 mths then become SGD 60,000 okei!

This xiao mei mei earns that knn money in a month!? mother cb, make me angry only.


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This is like almost low level gahmen minister pay or what!? Cos all gahmen person people say got rich one.

Also Steven told me one day that he thinks gahmen’s 1 year salary got like SGD 500,000 for sure. So that farker tried to apply for a gahmen job, but only the parking fine people come send him letter haha.

This Steven always like to tail gate people car when go out carpark so he can siam the carpark payments and now he kena.

if they really pay this much, I tells you, sure confirm some would rather be a Jepun club xiao mei mei than a gahmen person.

Cos can drink, party, look pretty and all people love you one.

Once you become gahmen person, I tell you cannot drink lar, party lar, put make up lar, and all the oppie sure find fault in you one.

You earns so much money, but cannot spend like king or queen where got fun one? Correct or not.


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eh eh you farkers sure think, aiyah, for sure this xiao mei mei open legs and have sex with all the people can liao right?

That one is Ah Tiong or Viet bu style in Singapore, Japan one can don’t have sex one.

They just sit and talk to you one.

But ofcos all these Jepun guys wants to chikuchiku with these chabos, but the shop system is so well structured. Ya, so the shop do not allow any ham sup stuff.

And cos many xiao mei meis in this club are chio and got standard, these guys come shop and buy drinks to talk to them one.

Go eat with them must also pay, and also must promise you go back shop to buy bottle one siao!!!


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Viet bu go eat prata and porridge they happy already one okae.

How she earn so much?

Me think cos not only she popular, I think she sure can make her customer pay one.

So SGD 60,000 a month right?

That’s SGD 2,400 a day for her pay.

So that means each day she work, sure got SGD 5,000 sales at least la!!

See this picture?? Her stoopid customer buy her this bottle la, but that bottle la


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for sure can go SGD 5,000 per day one.

I know this place in Singapore, where all these xiao mei mei parade in front of you.

Then you choose your fav xiam mei mei, And she sit next to you, and even before ask her name cos manners mah start touch here touch there already okae  This I know cos Steven always go and tell me stories.

And although shiok and steam, this farker Steven always say $50 enough for the xiam mei meis one. I dunno whether the Steven cheapsake one or the market rate like that the xiam mei mei happy with that money.

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