Japan ambassador to Thailand ‘likely’ contracted coronavirus during visit to KTV


december, 2023

April 14, Thailand

  • Japan’s ambassador to Thailand tested positive for corona
  • The Embassy of Japan contacted all those who were suspected to have had close contacts with him after 25th March
  • However on that night, he had visited a nightclub in Bangkok
  • Nishida was accompanied by 8 Japanese and Thai nationals to the club for a ‘work-related function’
  • The club was believed to have been the source of 400 coronavirus clusters
  • On the night of March 29, Nashida had suffered a fever of 39.5 degress Celsius and a sore throat.
  • On April 2, his companion from the club had testing positive for the coronavirus.
  • He then underwent a test himself, marking him positive
  • Mangers of such clubs in Thong Lor, Bangkok, were sentenced to two months in prison for keeping the clubs open beyond the time limit imposed by an emergency decree.

Japan ambassador to Thailand, Kazuya Nashida, 60, was tested positive for the novel coronavirus after visiting a nightclub in Bangkok on the night of March 25.

He was accompanied by 8 other Japanese and Thai nationals for a ‘work-related function’, haha sure or not.

*Video has nothing to do with this case

It was reported that the companions in the nightclub can get very intimate with their customers. It is also reported that the club was also believed to have been the source of 400 coronavirus clusters.

His companion was tested positive on April 2. He then underwent a test himself, which marked him positive.

CB rank so high still go KTV ah

What kind of work-related function takes place in a nightclub? I also want to go for such work related function sia.

And of all times, still dare to go to such high intimacy places during this pandemic period?

Source: https://www.tokyoreporter.com/international/thailand/japan-ambassador-to-thailand-likely-contracted-coronavirus-during-visit-to-bangkok-club/

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