Starbucks in Japan to start serving Alcohol all day

Starbucks Evening and Alcohol

March 2016, a Starbucks outlet in Shinagawa, Tokyo, reopened after heavy revonations as a brand new “Starbucks Evenings“.

I wonder why the sudden name change and concept?

To be able to offer its patrons a place to end off the day with delightful food and drink is quite cool I must say.

But instead of coffee, the drinks on sale would be alcohol instead!

Aside from famous wines and beers from around the world, Tokyo’s Starbucks Evenings serves wine that has been locally brewed as well.

There are also delicious small plates of treats served together with the alcohol.

I guess they are trying to find some market spaces from the evening crowds?

Starbucks Evenings opens daily from 7 a.m., so you can get your glass of wine first thing in the morning!

Maybe I might wanna try to visit during my next Japan trip.

Red and white wines go for 850 yen per glass, sparkling wine at 900 yen.

Beers available include Warsteiner (800 yen), Vedett Extra White (850 yen), and Liefmans (850 yen), apparently.

Now, if only we can have a Starbucks Evenings in Singapore too.

Nobody would be craving for coffee in the mornings anymore!