Dreamin’ of marrying a JAV star? Here’s your rare chance.

JAV star Asuka Hoshino is offering fans the chance to walk the aisle with her.

You read that right.

The ceremony will include consultation, rehearsal and optional exchange of rings.

This is part of a plan by a new wedding planner Ambitious.

Hoshino and her partner will meet with Ambitious’ employees to plan the ceremony, including picking out and trying on the rental dress and tuxedo the pair will wear.

The wedding will take place in Tokyo’s stylish Odaiba neighbourhood, and is actually Ambitious’ PR stunt that is priced at 350,000 yen (US$3,125).

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The pair will be provided with a commemorative wedding certificate, although the union doesn’t appear to be legally binding.

And what happens after the “marriage”…well, at least you get the rare chance to be soo close to a JAV star.. XOXO

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Source: Rocket News, Ambitious


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