Man posed as music producer in alleged rape of aspiring singer

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december, 2023

May 18, Tokyo

  • Police arrested a 27-year-old man over a rape of a woman
  • Company employee pretended to be a music producer online
  • Luring an aspiring female singer to the lobby of a music studio, and sexually assaulted her at a hotel
  • The lady was initially coerced into offering “pillow trade” in hopes to debut as a singer
  • The Police are still investigating and examining Kiyonari’s telephone exchanges with other woman, as this is not the first time police had arrested him
  • Kiyonari was arrested for the same crime last year

Company employee man, 27 year old had posed as music producer online to scam women and coax them into offering sex in exchange for the career opportunity.

In February, he was alleged to have rape a woman at a hotel. Upon his arrest, he denied the allegations. However this was not his first, police had accused him of the same crime last year. Police are still investigating, examining telephone exchanges between him and other woman.

Seriously, how low and desperate can one get?

Going all out to scam woman just sex. Ruining those women’s dreams and scarring them for life. He deserves the rotan, the same way how the Singapore Police will deal with these perverts.


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