Shiga man found living with mummified remains of mother


december, 2023

June 11, Otsu City

  • 94 yo mother died at home around November 6, 2019
  • Since then, her son 68 yo has been living with her corpse at their residence
  • Three occasions since August 2020, neighbors consulted police about mother since they had not seen her\
  • Two occasions, son claims mother was sleeping
  • Since no foul smell, police assumed she was still alive
  • Third occasions, son finally admitted she was dead
  • Police found the mummified mother covered by a futon

68-year-old man from Otsu city had been living with his mother’s corpse ever since she died last November.

Neighbors have noticed her absence and had reported to the police. However the son covered up upon the first two home visits, claiming that his mother was sleeping.

As there was no foul smell, the police did not suspect anything. He finally revealed the corpse (covered by a futon) on the third visit and admitted abandoning it.

WTH really. Was he still grieving and not ready to let go? Or was it due to the cost of the funeral he could not afford??

Won’t you be scared living with a dead body? This one really alot of whys.


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