We wan Majulah Singapura at Tokyo Games!

Joseph Schooling the golden boy

Who can forget his record Olympics gold medal for Singapore, right!

Can’t wait to see him swim again…but the next one is in Tokyo in 2020!

But the hype is already happening lei.
People now busy creating the mascots for the Games already

And they are a pretty bunch.
Take a look.

Not sure which would be chosen, but Japan being Japan, the quality damn sui

Olympics mascots on top row, Paralympics mascots at bottom one. These six mascots take their inspiration from sakura cherry blossoms, shrines and Japanese fairy tales.

Mascot Design Candidate Vid


Who do you think will win?
And which your favourite?

What’s Singapore’s mascot like?

And that compared to our 2009 mascots, hmmmmm, close but can tell ours not really Japaneseie

Of course we don’t need to make so Japanese, but .. I don’t know.. if you gonna make an anime or cartoons

Just follow Japan style and ask Japan person to do is my say!!


We wan our golden boy to win again ar!

P/S: Joseph Schooling, if you’re reading this.. we are behind you! Bring more Golds okay!!