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Actress Fukada Eimi kena close to 9,000 retweets

Fukada Eimi kena close to 9,000 retweets

hehe farnie.
Top AV actress shared a tweet that says “I can teach you anything”.

I guess this is just a tweet to give suggestive ideas to her fans. And also maybe to promote her videos that could be teacher-student related.

Fukada Eimi’s tweet became an instant hit

Her suggestive tweet instead became where her fans took it literally and started to send her actual questions. And some are quite scientific and hard ones.

You can see her tweeting saying, “No no, not like that!!”

They treating her as if she that Quora website haha.

Here are some of them!

1. How to solve coding problems:

2. How to fix car:

3. What’s the best move for this shogi:

4. How to solve complex math problems:

5. How to fish better:

6. How to make his car run faster:

I really like how it shows that her fans have nerdy like backgrounds, most of the questions are like otaku stuff.




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